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Mostly I write Reader x Character fanfictions from various animes/series (:

For requests: I will do most requests, they just take some time because I do not want to disappoint people!

If for some reason I do not do your request, it would only be because I can't write it. As in I tried to write it, but I couldn't make it seem good enough, but that hardly ever happens so don't be shy yo.


mostly reader x character fanfics do not judge me we are all human



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Elizabeth (✿◠‿◠)
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
im elizabeth hi
I've always been writing, when I was in the second grade I wrote short stories about a girl named Ella and her best friend Sam all the time and my teacher encouraged me to write, which isn't super important I guess but I have been writing since.

I mostly write about anime, especially reader x character fanfictions o well but occasionally I will write something else maybe

If you check out my tumblr i'm almost always online so

I read my comments and messages religiously so don't be afraid to message me (:

And if you watch me just know I love you, you are now my child <3

also i made my deviant art like three years ago and it won't let me change my username unless i get premium sigh

★ Occasionally I will get writers block and I will be gone, but I will be back trust me it happens ★
day 1: select a book at random in the room. find a novel or short story, copy down the last sentence and use this line as the first line of your new story.

"You need to give your father a hug", He said. I appreciate his concern, however his involvement in my father and I's relationship, is pestering to say at the least. I sighed, as I slouched deeper into the leather chair that sat in the vacant, soon to be forgotten room. I hated this place, yet I still sensed an overwhelming amount of nostalgia come over me as I peered at the chipping, cardinal paint on the walls. It takes me back to when I was a little girl, maybe around five or six, and my father was standing on top of his wobbling, not-so reliable stair ladder whilst I sat in this same leather seat, watching him intensely.

My father currently much older and not as charismatic and optimistic as he used to be stood by the front door. I don't want to see, regardless of what Charlie says, I am not giving that sad excuse of a Father a 'hug'. Charlie and my father should be grateful I came to begin with. I feel sick to my stomach almost just waiting for time to pass by.

I tap my freshly-done manicure against the wooden table that stood up next to me.

"I don't need to give anybody a hug, especially not that monst-" I began but was soon interrupted by said man, my father, slamming his calloused, shaky fingers against the dark door frame. 

"You may consider me a monster, but if it weren't for me you wouldn't be here." My father said, looking at me sternly with angst in his eyes and other mixed emotions. 

"Maybe that would've been better" I comment snidely, checking out my awesome nails.

"Don't you star-" He started to raise his voice when Charlie intervened. 

"Walter, just, just stop. You know no matter what you say or do she'll have something snarky to say in response." He commented, which was true. I believed it was true, anyway.

My father gave up, and exhaled a deep breath.

"You're right... Charlie" He mutters, walking into the room he was previously in. 

"It's... no use. It's no use." He mumbles, as he disappears into the other room.

I breath a relief, and go back to examining my nails when Charlie stomps up to me.

"You need to fucking stop that, you know? It's not good on his health. And it's not helping him or you, so just knock it off" He practically spits in my face.

Angry, I stand up, and pick up my bag.

"I will be letting myself out now.." I flicked my tongue. I hated Charlie sometimes.

"You wouldn't." He replied.


"Watch me." I said, as I closed the door behind me.

As I got into my new car, I closed my eyes for a second. I can never forgive my father for what he did. Never. 


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